• Dec. 27, 2018, 9:55 p.m.

    Hello everyone ! We decided to create a forum for our community and we hope you will like your journey in this forum .

    For the comfort of every member please respect the upcoming rules :

    1) Be respectful and cool to every member , do not disrespect or insult anyone .

    2) Talk in a clear english .

    3) Please do not post off topic things .

    3) About machines , if you want to help someone please avoid spoiling the solution but point the person in the right direction instead and give some hints .
    Also hide some elements to not spoil members who didn't started X or Y machine (example : the sentence << Have you looked at Phpmyadmin service ? >> becomes << Have you looked at Ph**.....in service ? >> , And for members who need help write what did you tried on that machine to be clearer on where you stuck !

    About categories :
    - If you need help on a particular box or want to discuss about it , create a thread on Machines Category .
    - If you want to discuss about ideas you have about our lab , create a thread on Ideas Category .
    - All the news and informations from the staff will be located at News Category.

    The Wizard-Labs staff wishes you a great journey !